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Super Capacitor, EDLC, P-EDLC, High Power LED, RF Solution, Ultracapacitor, Supercapacitor |
Vina Tech is a specialized manufacturer of Capacitor such as Super Capacitor, EDLC, P-EDLC, LED Lighting, High Power LED, RF Solution, DMB Solution, RF Solution, Ultracapacitor, Supercapacitor. We will lead this market at the head of this field.

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Ultracapacitor(Ultracap, Supercapacitor)-LS Mtron

Ultracapacitor(Ultracap, Supercapacitor)-LS Mtron « ultracapacitor

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LS Ultracapacitor(Ultracap, Supercapacitor)- LS Mtron will secure world-class core technologies and find and implement the most efficient solutions based on a market knowledge that can understand changes in the markets and in customers.

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